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Class Descriptions & Details

Not sure which class is best for you?

Looking for some additional details about the class before you register? 

Take a look at the various weekly class options.

Yoga Class

Yoga Flow


9 AM - 10 AM

Join us on Thursday mornings to start your day feeling energized, motivated and ready to face the day. This class is a flow yoga class. You will be engaged and challenged both physically and mentally during this practice, connecting breath and movement. Be prepared to move and sweat! 

Yoga Class
Practising Yoga at Home
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All Abilities Chair Yoga


4:30 pm - 5:15 pm

Join us for an all-abilities chair yoga class. While using a chair and other yoga props, we will join together in postures and breathwork. No experience necessary. All postures will be modified to each individual and their abilities, building up to a level of comfort that your body allows.

Restorative Yoga


5:30 PM - 6: 30 PM

During this Restorative Class, we will gather together to support and empower one another through the practice of movement, breath and meditative body scans. We will share our experiences by building consciousness and collective wisdom.
The class will open with a a few minutes of finding our space and grounding our breath, followed by gentle and relaxing yoga sequences and a final resting pose.

Child's Pose


Stay Tuned for upcoming dates.

Yoga | Meditation | Mindfulness 

Join us for select dates where we share the practice of movement and a restful pause with the community. 


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