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Welcome to Mindful Movement & Meditation, LLC. Formally Balasana Yoga, LLC. ​Join us in sharing the practice of mindfulness through breath, yoga, movement, reiki, aromatherapy and meditation. Leave feeling calm and relaxed. You deserve to invest in YOU and your families self care and overall wellness.


Our goal and vision is to bring a healthy practice of mindful movement, yoga, breathwork, mobility and meditation to  students of all ages and abilities.

We invite you to join us in creating a welcoming, safe environment and sharing a mindful pause with all humans. A practice you can carry with you throughout your day and throughout your life's journey. 


About Mindful Movement & Meditation

Mindfulness is a Journey

In December 2021 Mary wanted to give back to the community and founded Mindful Movement & Meditation, LLC, formally Balasana Yoga.​

Mary creates an inviting space for her students of all ages and abilities, bringing a calm energy to the practice, engaging a gentle flow and mindfulness, all while encouraging acceptance and inclusion. ​She invites all individuals regardless of their ability; to move, laugh and be observant of ones self.

We often seek out activities for ourselves and our children that allow us to unwind, letting go of the days worries. We look toward options for stress management, health-wellness and clarity for mind and body.

Yoga and movement isn't all about transforming into a pretzel or being flexible; it also includes finding a calmness in your breath and the beat of your heart, creating balance and motion in the body to increase blood flow, and becoming aware and more accepting, both from within and from the energy all around us.   

Mary's hope is to continue to share a gracious smile while encouraging strength to those who meet her with the practices of yoga, mindful movement, breath work, wellness and meditation within the community and beyond.   ​

She looks forward to you joining her on your mat.  

"Be the change you wish to see in the world." Mahatma Gandhi

Get To Know Us



Mindful Mentor & Wellness Advocate


Co-Founder & Creative Developer


You Make Our Day GREAT! 

Thank You All For Your Kindness

I can’t say enough great things about Mary. She is beyond patient with all the children and shows them such kindness and love. I can tell each child feels comfortable with her and when they share their feelings she validates them in such a sweet way. I am so blessed to have crossed paths with her and can’t wait to see my children grow with her program.


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